Choosing the right backup software

There’s no beating around the bush – backups are important! Some individuals and businesses go as far as taking backups of their backups. However, what makes good backup software? There’s loads of choices on the market, including in the web hosting industry. Acronis, R1Soft, CPRemote – the list goes on.

After trialling many different options over the years, we’ve very much come to like JetBackup. In this article, we’re going to take some time to look at some of favourite features that make it the ideal option for web hosts and customers like!

One-click account restoration:

Let’s set the scene – a catastrophic error was made to your website files and database, and you want to roll your account back to how it was the previous day when everything worked fine. Recovering from a situation like this with JetBackup is very quick and easy.
jetbackup account restorationIt’s as easy as picking a date and hitting the “RESTORE” button, and the server will do the rest. The process takes just a few minutes to complete.

Your backups belong to you:

It is, unfortunately very common nowadays that web hosting providers implement restrictions which mean that users cannot download their backups locally. This is to help save on resources (i.e. CPU power, disk space, etc).

With JetBackup, it’s easy to download backups straight to your local machine, meaning your data is stored in yet another place to help improve its availability.

Another benefit of this is freedom to migrate to other web hosting providers with ease.

Individual item restoration:

Another benefit of JetBackup is the ability to browse the file example, for example, as it was at previous dates in the past:jetbackup file restorationNeed to restore your index.php file from a few days ago? Don’t panic – that is quick and easy!

Keen to try JetBackup for yourself? All of our Web Hosting plans include it as standard!

By Dan

Dan is passionate about web hosting, particularly virtualization! When he's not trying out the latest tech, he enjoys meditation, sports, and listening to music.