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Becoming the best we can be, and how we do it!

Ethernet Servers was founded back in 2013, and one of our core principles has always been to do things properly. It sounds straight-forward, and potentially, not very ambitious, but we believe it’s critically important. In this article, we’ll be looking at what makes our web hosting truly special!

First of all, let’s ask a question: how does a company normally improve?

There are many possible answers to this question, such as: introducing more products, or adding more features to an existing product. These approaches work well when it comes to increasing sales and brand awareness, but do they improve the actual customer experience? That depends, but the chances are the answer is: they don’t.

We’ll now take a closer look at how we, Ethernet Servers, improve the experience that we provide to all of our customers, and, it’s all about support tickets! If someone sends a ticket in, there’s usually one of two reasons as to why:

  • Something isn’t working properly
  • Something needs installing, or tweaking

For every ticket that we process, it gets looked at again later (sometimes the same day, or the next day) – even if everything has been sorted out, and no further action is required. Once that has happened, it gets assigned a “Reviewed” status.

What is the “Reviewed” status?

It’s our way of saying that a ticket has been looked at in its entirety – from start to finish. We look at two factors:

– What was the ticket about?
– How can we improve?

By doing this, we make our service better! We try to ensure that everything works flawlessly out-of-the-box, saving you time, and hassle.

In other words: to us, solving that particular ticket isn’t good enough. We have to ensure it’s permanently resolved, for new and existing customers.

Can I have some examples?

Certainly! We’ll use some real examples from recent tickets:

  • A customer opened a ticket to state they had reached the operating system reinstall limit of 30, as pre-defined by SolusVM (our control panel vendor). We removed the limit for this customer, as well as all other existing customers, and new orders.

  • A customer tried to set a Reverse DNS (PTR) record, but our control panel refused, insisting that no matching A-Record had been set. This was caused by slow DNS propagation. We switched to Cloudflare’s DNS resolvers (, to combat this, who offer near-instant propagation!

  • A customer contacted us to state that they were unable to install Docker, and they needed the “FULL” netfilter enabled on their VPS. We granted the permission to their VPS, and also to all of our other customers (new & existing orders).

    For more examples, check out our Changelog. Most entries are as a result of improvements we’ve made from customer support tickets.

How does this benefit me?

It means that everything “just works”, exactly as it should do. We take the hassle out of hosting, making it quick and easy for everyone – from the casual WordPress blogger to the seasoned Linux systems administrator.

You shouldn’t have to open a ticket to request a certain feature is installed or enabled, and similarly you shouldn’t have to report something that doesn’t work. We provide a service that we’re proud of, and would happily use ourselves if we were customers!


We hope that this article has been helpful, and given you an insight into how much we work day in, day out, to make our hosting as good as it possibly can be!

Our continuous work in this area enables us to give maximum effort in each and every ticket that we receive, ensuring that you get fast and high-quality support.

Feedback is always welcomed — please get in touch to let us know how we can offer you a better service!

By Dan

Dan is passionate about web hosting, particularly virtualization! When he's not trying out the latest tech, he enjoys meditation, sports, and listening to music.