3 ways to boost performance for your cPanel websites

If you’re anything like us, you’ll love optimizing servers to get the best possible performance. A 5% boost here, a 3% boost – it all adds up to make a difference that’s visible to the eye eventually!

In this tutorial, we’ll be walking through a few quick changes you can make on your cPanel server to make your visitors happier, courtesy of faster load times.

  1. Enable PHP compression. PHP powers most websites. For example, WordPress, used by 32% of the web. We can compress our PHP content using Zlib, which is transparent to both you and your users, and shouldn’t cause any problems. To enable it, login to WHM as the root user, and navigate to “Software » MultiPHP INI Editor”. Under “Configure basic settings of a PHP version”, select the PHP version you would like to enable it for (if not all versions) and tick the “zlib.output_compression” box, as shown below:
  2. Enable Apache compression. Through Apache mod_deflate you can compress your website’s content before it is served to the visitor, resulting in faster page load times! To do so, simply login to cPanel and click on “Optimize Website”. You’ll then want to Compress All Content. Please note that in order for this option to appear in cPanel, you must first have mod_deflate enabled as one of your Apache modules. If you do not have it enabled, you can do so via EasyApache in WHM.
  3. Migrate to PHP 7.x. The initial release, 7.0, is considerably faster than 5.6, and the latest (as of this blog post) is 7.2, which is even faster yet again compared to 7.0! We have customers running PHP 7.2 in production, and also use it for our own website, with nothing but good things to say! If the speed gains do not convince you, this might: security updates for PHP 5.6 end on the 31st December 2018. It’s fully supported by most major software, including WordPress, who recommend using PHP 7.2. cPanel makes switching PHP version very easy. Simply login to cPanel, click on “MultiPHP Manager” and assign the desired version to your domain.

By Dan

Dan is passionate about web hosting, particularly virtualization! When he's not trying out the latest tech, he enjoys meditation, sports, and listening to music.