What makes a great Fully Managed VPS?

The short answer: many things! In this article, we’ll cover this important subject in detail, helping you to make the right decision.

  • Support. A good fully managed provider will not require lots of back and forth with technical support, as they’ll know what the majority of customers need, and make sure it’s all available out-of-the-box, and perhaps documented in an article or resource. For example, there’s a handful of common PHP modules many scripts require – so they should be loaded as standard, preventing the need to ask for them.
  • Reliability. No one likes getting woken up during the early hours to reports that their website is offline, and that’s without mentioning the thought of actually fixing, and getting it back online. A good Fully Managed VPS will include 24/7 monitoring and restoration of the server’s vital services (i.e. the web and database server). The end result means more sleep for you, and more traffic for your websites.
  • Security. Many Managed VPS providers will include cPanel out-of-the-box, the world’s most popular Linux website control panel. It’s secured to a certain degree, but a good provider will take that process much further. Have a look at this checklist for the steps we take to keep each and every server as secure as possible.
  • Affordable. Fully Managed VPS’ come in all shapes and sizes. There’s many different aspects that impact pricing, such as: the included features and server location (some countries are more expensive due to higher costs). Always look around! If you see someone charging $99/mo for a service that looks identical to one that’s $29/mo, dig down and find out why they might be.

This concludes our short, but hopefully, helpful guide into the world of a Virtual Private Server (VPS!). If you’ve any questions, feel free to contact us! Alternatively, why not explore our packages?