Quickly and easily improving email delivery rates

There’s no denying it – ensuring that your emails get from your Sent folder to your Recipient’s Inbox folder is important.

You may find yourself losing sales worth hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars if your client doesn’t see your reply to their email. You may find yourself missing out on an event or party. No matter if you run a business, or just send the occasional personal email, you need to ensure that people are getting it! In this blog post, we’re going to introduce you to a very helpful tool (that we take no credit for, other than finding it!) which allows you to quickly and easily pinpoint problems with your mail server or local email account properties.

It can be found at 

Some of the checks that mail-tester covers are as follows:

  • DKIM (AKA “DomainKeys Identified Mail”)
  • SPF (AKA “Sender Policy Framework”)
  • DMARC (AKA “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance”)
  • rDNS (AKA “Reverse DNS”)
  • Blacklists (i.e. listed on Spamhaus, Barracuda, etc)
  • Content analysis (i.e. dangerous elements)

Using it is very simple! You need to visit the website link (as shown above) and send an email from the address that you want to analyze, to the email address provided on the website (below “First, send your email to:”). It will take about 15 seconds to complete the test, and provide you with the results.

Your score will range from 0/10 (awful – your emails most likely will not get delivered) to 10/10 (good – your emails will likely reach the recipient’s inbox*).

* We say “likely” as, ultimately, your content needs to be “good”. Email providers such as Microsoft, Google and Yahoo scan a message’s content as part of their process in identifying whether to send the email to the spam folder, or the inbox. Even if your email server is well-configured, a poorly written email may be penalized.

There’s an article that we strongly suggest reading if you continue to have email delivery problems after using mail-tester. You can view it here.

Still facing email delivery issues? Feel free to contact us – we’ll be happy to help!